Discover Your Future Family Home In KITA Mekar

Along with traditions and customs, every family has their own bonding activities as well. For some, it could be spring cleaning the entire house every Saturday morning or having a TV in each room so that everyone can enjoy their shows peacefully. 

In order to comply with these unique quirks, a family needs a home that meets both their current needs and future plans, such as KITA Mekar at KITA @ Cybersouth. A residential neighbourhood that’s ideal for young and growing families who are looking for their dream home. Situated in Dengkil, KITA Mekar would greatly benefit those working at Cyberjaya and Putrajaya who love to be able to send their children to nearby schools, shop at popular malls, and more. 

Find out what your future family home in KITA Mekar could look like:

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30 May 2022 - by Katrina Balan Quiroz

As one reaches adulthood and financial stability in life, having a space to call their own usually becomes a life goal. Whether it’s through renting or buying, many like the idea of having their own privacy, freedom to decorate based on their aesthetics, and rooms dedicated to their liking, such as an entertainment room, personal study, home office, or even a home gym. 

However, for those looking for a more permanent home, perhaps to grow their own family into, finding one that checks all their boxes and fits their budget may not be something very straightforward. Instead, it’s more circumstantial and would involve a compromise of some sort, e.g., a more central location instead of more square footage, better facilities instead of easier accessibility to highways. 

Introducing KITA Mekar

Launched in 2018, KITA @ Cybersouth is a gated and guarded township situated in the up-and-coming southern corridor of Greater Klang Valley – more specifically in Dengkil, near Cyberjaya and the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC Malaysia). Within KITA @ Cybersouth’s Malay-reserved land lies KITA Mekar, a residential neighbourhood consisting of three types of homes.

Here are three reasons to consider making KITA MEKAR your new home:

1. Amenities & Facilities Dedicated To Joy & Convenience

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Living in KITA Mekar means you’ll get to enjoy over 30 facilities within the neighbourhood. Let’s say you’ve been busy at work for an entire week and miss spending quality time with your children – why not spend some hours with your little ones playing hopscotch? You could also accompany your elders as they soak in the warmth of the golden hour during evening walks in the many gardens.

Beyond the neighbourhood, residents can find services and amenities that most would need such as healthcare, police stations, shopping malls, educational institutions, and daily services like laundry and such. All these can be found just minutes away by car.

2. Affordable Homes In The Greater Klang Valley Area

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While property prices have seen a rise in recent years due to inflation, this does not mean that finding a home that both provides sufficient space and comes with an attainable price tag is impossible. 

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At KITA Mekar’s Malay reserve neighbourhood, a townhouse starts from RM429,000, while a double-storey home starts at RM575,000, which makes units at KITA Mekar affordable when compared to most landed properties within Klang Valley. Single-storey units have been fully sold. 

3. Multi-Generational Homes For All Stages Of Life

There are three types of properties available at KITA Mekar, namely single-storey terraces, double-storey terraces, and townhouses. 

Single-storey terraces would be fitting for the elderly who prefer having the obstacle of a staircase removed from their home. This means they can easily access all corners of the house without needing to exert energy into climbing the stairs in their 1,094 sqft home. Alternatively, those who don’t require the extra bedroom could also opt for the single-storey terrace to minimise cleaning spaces!

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Double-storey terraces in KITA Mekar have a built-up size of 1,447 sqft and also offer four bedrooms, with an additional bathroom, which makes it a great option for growing families. Residents can also opt to convert the extra room into dedicated spaces for entertainment, working out, or even a home office. 

For those looking to enjoy a landed-living experience and facilities, KITA Mekar’s townhouse can be considered. Buyers can choose from either the ground floor for easy access or the upper floor for extra privacy. The ground floor is sized at 1,346 sqft whereas the upper floor measures 1,483 sqft. 

Author: Lisa Ameera Azman





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